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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Chit Fund Software - Maze Chit

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Chit Fund Software applications that save time, user-friendly and highly secured to enhance Chit Fund management

MazeChit engages in a constant communication process by keeping track of finances and transactions for both the company and its members

Exclusive features of MazeChit Software

Easy Access

This user-friendly online chit fund software can be easily used anywhere, any time without constraints. The application is integrated into the laptop, desktop or all mobile devices. So the owner of the chit fund company or the admin can access the reports, updates and transactions from anywhere. If you own multiple branches, the information can be accessed from your device from office or home. Managing your business on remote gives you the flexibility to work from your place of preference.

Software Usage

Works well on both online and offline mode providing great clarity and efficiency. The user can access and download emails, group posts and web pages even when he is offline with this application. This online chit fund ERP solution is effective offline and online for users who are on the move anywhere, anytime.

Highly Secured

The members' details provided in the software are maintained using high-security wall keeping every information confidential within the company and user. Members need not be apprehensive to give personal details or their financial details to the company. Whatever information is uploaded into the chit fund application will not at any point be disclosed to anyone. No one can access the details as it is well secured with a firewall on priority.

Regular Alerts

The updates on the payments and notification details are sent through emails and SMS service. The very purpose of this online chit fund software is to keep the members informed with everyday updates. When a member pays an instalment, he will be notified with an SMS on receipt of the amount. Similarly, if there is a due in your instalment, you can send a reminder SMS for them to follow up and pay. Instant SMS alerts and email services help the chit fund proprietor and the members to have a smooth communication without obstacles.


Time-saving ERP is cost effective and at the same time provides high-quality results. MazeChit enables complete automation of transactions and keeps the system better organized. The employees find it easy and user-friendly to access the statements, chit registrations, auction process and sending SMS alerts. All these activities save a lot of time giving the chit fund owner and his employees to save on cost and time, benefiting everyone.


This chit fund software is installed with default facilities and it can be customized according to the needs of the company and their customers as well. Apart from the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, we have the option of customizing the application as per the customer's preference. The software has the versatility to add or remove extensions of features for specific services. Avail Free Demo :

Contact : +919894822226

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